Collaborative Communication

Nonviolent Communication Women’s Retreat

August 23 – 26, 2012

Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Van Etten, New York

Connection — it’s not just bars on your cellphone, it’s your experience of life. Would you like to connect with your self, fully with and in your body? Would you enjoy a safe place to practice connecting with others, present to and with the people around you? How connected would you like to be?


Imagine yourself in the summer sun overlooking a majestic mountain valley … growing and learning with a diverse community of women, focusing on deep healing and transformation, drawing on mutual knowledge and support as we step into our individual and collective power with the consciousness and skills of Compassionate, Nonviolent Communication (NVC).



If this speaks to you, join us for the third annual East Coast NVC Women’s Retreat at Light on the Hill Retreat Center, August 23-26, 2012.  This beautiful retreat center will nourish you as we engage in diverse conversations, offerings, workshops, quiet times, NVC practices, community meals, and celebrations.



Sessions you can expect include:

  • Living in a Woman’s Body- Celebrations and Mournings [Kristin]
  • Building Resilience to Shame [Kristin]
  • Preparation for Authentic Dialog [Simone]
  • Preparation for Authentic Dialog [Simone]
  • Increasing Your Street “Cred” with Street NVC [Dian]
  • De-Mystifying Empathy Guessing (Making Semantic-based Empathy Guesses) [Dian]
  • Being the dream of you [Phoenix]
  • Staying grounded while under fire [Phoenix]
  • NVC Beginners Track
  • Additional topics depending on participant needs and interest.


The CNVC Certified Trainers at the retreat include:

  • Dian Killian, Ph.D., author, founder and Director of The Center for Collaborative Communication;
  • Kristin Masters, Santa Cruz NVC;
  • Simone Anliker, founder of Compassion & Voice in Switzerland, specialist in NVC for deep healing.

Assistant trainers, Phoenix Soleil, a specialist in NVC and expressive arts, and Lorraine Aguilar complete our highly-skilled leadership team.


Cost: $350 + room & board until July 31 — click here for details



Before the retreat someone suggested that I ‘Be The Change You Want.’ I understood what this meant but had not realized how to do it – well, how to do that is what I learned this weekend. On my journey of healing, this retreat and all it entailed was the key to a locked door that I had previously been struggling with to open. My soul needed to be set free, and it was set free at the Women’s Retreat.”

–Dori, 2011 Women’s Retreat participant