Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Over thirty years ago, Larry, a casual friend of mine at the time, invited me to see the land he’d just purchased in Van Etten, NY. As we walked the various parts of the land, I felt an incredible connection to this place, and wondered what he was doing living on “my” land! I said to him: “You are living my dream to be in the country, to grow spiritually, and to have a place for others to come on retreat. He responded: “I know I am to be a caretaker for something but don’t know what that will be.”

Over the next few months are relationship deepened. It became clear that we were to be together, joined in love, marriage, and a mission to provide a sacred place “where seekers can find peace and solace away from their everyday worldly pursuits.”

Since that unexpected beginning, Light on the Hill has grown—thanks to divine guidance—from a small retreat hut to three cottages, a lodge, and a chapel/sanctuary. People have come from more than twenty states and seven countries. It’s housed the Hidden Treasure Program from its beginning in 1998. Many of my students consider it their second home.

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