Schizoid Character Structure
The Outsider/Creative-Spiritual One

Early Wound: If you developed the schizoid character structure, you probably experienced problems or traumas arising during your gestation, birth, or within six months after birth. As a result, the baby you can feel rejected and fear the world is not a safe or welcoming place.

Behavioral and Psychological Characteristics:
  • Question right to exist
  • Disconnect from life, body and feelings
  • Have difficulty socializing
  • Fear of Feelings
  • Tend to escape into spirituality or fantasy

Gifts:  Creative, spiritual, philosophical

Healing Exercise: When walking — and without looking down — pay attention to how each part of your foot touches the earth. This brings your energy downward and avoids spacing out.

See Chapter 2 of Hidden Treasure — the Book to learn about:

  • Other Causes
  • Body Type
  • Effect on Relationships
  • Other Behaviors with Cartoons
  • Many more healing exercises
  • Life stories illustrating the concepts