The Oral Structure—The Dependent/Independent One

Early Wound: If you developed the oral structure, you most likely did not get the nurturing you needed as a baby. This sets up life-long feelings of deprivation, which never seem to be met.

There are two types:

Collapsed Oral, who show their neediness

Compensated Oral, who deny their needs and do everything themselves.

Behavioral and Psychological Characteristics—Both Types:
  • Empty feeling in chest
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Not enough time, energy, or money
  • Filling the emptiness with addictions
  • Difficulty asking and receiving
  • Excessive talking

 Gifts: intelligent, articulate, sensitive, social, natural teacher and writer

 Healing Exercise:

When you don’t have enough time, energy, money, or love, you can repeatedly say, “I am enough,” as Barbara Brennan suggests. You might not believe this at first, but after repeating the phrase enough times, you might begin to.

See Chapter 3 of Hidden Treasure–The Book to learn about:

  • Other Causes
  • Body Type
  • Effect on Relationships
  • Other Behaviors with Cartoons
  • Many more healing exercises
  • Life stories illustrating the concepts