The Masochist Structure—The Endurer

Early Wound: If you developed the masochist structure, you most likely had a parent, who was overly controlling, protective, humiliating, or punishing—especially around food intake and potty training. This thwarted your self-expression and creativity. The only recourse your child self had against this overt suppression was to inwardly say, “No, I won’t,” while outwardly conforming. This sets up a life-long pattern of saying no—even to things your adult self wants.

Behavioral and Psychological Characteristics
  • Self-defeating behaviors
  • Blaming and complaining
  • Feeling stuck
  • Victim mentality
  • Built-up anger
  • Reject any type of authority including schedules or any type of “should.”

Gifts: large caring heart, creative, fun-loving, good sense of humor, persistent, hard working

Healing Exercises: Creativity
  • Since your self-expression was squashed as a child, it’s now important to unleash your creativity through journaling, art, music, and dance to name a few.

See Chapter 4 of Hidden Treasure — The Book to learn about:

  • Other Causes
  • Body Type
  • Effect on Relationships
  • Other Behaviors with cartoons
  • Many more healing exercises
  • Life stories illustrating the concepts