It’s hard to put into words what I do because I take the cues from the client. I see myself as a mid-wife, knowing that this person has the answers within. I listen to what they are saying and to what my guidance is also saying. Clients often arrive at a place of connection with their deepest self — a place of peace and insight to their life challenges. I facilitate this by having them be present to their bodily sensations, images, or emotions to access this deeper reality. I see what blocks they have and may give energetic exercises to help soften them. It all depends on what is surfacing within that person.”

                                                                                    -Alice McDowell


The reasons for a retreat vary from person to person. Some seek rest and renewal, stress reduction, or core-level healing. Others come to attune with Nature, to center and deepen their spiritual life, or to handle life transitions. Here individuals can search for answers or just spend time with Spirit.

Partially Guided Individual Retreats are for those who basically want to be on their own but would also like to be given some meditative practices, music and/or inspirational talks. These are selected by Alice in accord with the seeker’s intention for their retreat. The retreatant meets with Alice for an hour on the first day, and briefly on other days.

Guided Individual Retreats are more structured and intensive. Alice meets with the retreatant twice a day for 20+ minutes each. She uses her intuition to suggest practices, prayers, guided visualizations and spiritual talks, which help bring them through a six-stage process of detachment, union and return. This deeply transformative process can be geared to a person of any faith or to one who does not feel a part of any tradition but wishes to deepen his/her spiritual life. There is a 3-day minimum stay for this retreat.

Healing Retreats are for those seeking healing on a physical, psychological, or spiritual level. Each day the retreatant receives a 60+ minute counseling/healing session. The session may consist of straightforward counseling, dream work, guided imagery, or movement exercises, depending on what modality best serves the retreatant. The retreatant then has time for resting, walking, listening to relevant inspirational teachings, or doing some simple practices that help integrate the benefits of the healing work. Because the retreatant does not return home, old patterns are not reinforced and the new energetic shifts have time to gel. The buildup of consecutive daily sessions is very powerful.  Healing retreats focus on healing of life issues and psychological work, while guided retreats focus more on spiritual development. There is no minimum number of days for a healing retreat.

Alice also works with couples and small groups.

Retreats with Alice take place at beautiful Light on the Hill Retreat Center–a safe, quiet space dotted w cottages and huts far from society’s distractions. The center is located on 236 acres of woods, streams, gorges, and walking paths, and offers panoramic views as distant as Pennsylvania. Two labyrinths and a sanctuary are available for retreatants’ use.

Comments about Retreats with Alice

“Anyone looking for a place of healing and spirituality should know this is the place to go. It is hard for me to put into words how much of an impact this retreat had on me. It was exactly what I needed to get on the right path in my life. Alice’s words of wisdom touched me in a way that I will always be grateful for. I left the retreat feeling a different kind of peace that I had never felt before.”

– Jennifer

“Both of my retreats at Light on the Hill were precious opportunities to get in touch with my inner self, including beliefs and emotions that often get obfuscated by outside voices and distractions of our modern daily lives. The time alone, with no access to social media, news, or external influences, allowed me to get in touch with my true self and take a break from my ego. The highly intuitive and insightful guidance by Alice enabled me to go deeper than I could have on my own. As a result, by the end of both retreats I felt more clear, present, and at peace. I am glad I had these opportunities and look forward to being back in the future.”

– Renata

“All I know is that when I’m at Light on the Hill it simply is the most beautiful place on earth. It’s hard to explain in a logical way, but it’s the feeling I have when I’m there. I experience the beautiful energy of Alice and Larry and all the retreatants who have graced this place over the years. As soon as I turn my car in the drive to the cottages, I feel magical—my soul sings with joy! “

– Mary, Individual Retreatant