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Audio Recordings


Soulful Thoughts from New Zealand Podcast

Alice discusses Dance of Light with Rev. Meghan Don, award-winning author, evolutionary mystic, feminine mentor, death & dying guide, interfaith minister (Nov. 3, 2022).


Alchemical Dialogues Podcast from Amber Light International

Hosted by Dr. Henry Cretella, this Oct. 25, 2022 episode explores Alice’s background and journey as well as delves into some of the essential tasks in which all spiritual seekers engage as they travel their own unique paths.





Dance of Light Meditations

COMING SOON – On her new album Alice provides an uplifting and peaceful set of spiritual meditations that address different dimensions of the spiritual life.  Enjoy a sample here:

Stepping Out of the Box Meditation




Transcripts / Articles

DANCE OF LIGHT: Alice McDowell on Writing a Book on the Spiritual Journey

Alice’s interview with, a website that offers guidance to experienced and aspiring authors. Some of the topics explored in this interview include:

  • Writing with the Reader and their Spiritual Journey in Mind
  • Challenges / Finding and Using Your Voice
  • Research
  • Creativity & Accessing Flow
  • Purifications, Pandemics and Wars
  • Summoning Help in your Journey
  • ….and more!

Whether your creativity takes the form of writing or emerges in other forms, we think you’ll enjoy the conversation!


Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb (March 2022)