Psychopathic Character Structure — The Controller/Leader

Early wound: If you developed the psychopathic character structure, you probably experienced some kind of betrayal in your early life. One of your parents, particularly the one of the opposite sex, did not get his needs met from his spouse and gave all his attention to you through manipulation and seduction. At some point this undue attention was withdrawn — or got weird — and you felt betrayed.

Result: As an adult you may use the same kind of intimidation, seduction, and manipulation as the offending parent in order to feel safe. This might take three forms: threatening, seductive or withdrawn hostile.

Behavioral and Psychological Characteristics
  • Need to be special
  • Need to win at all costs
  • Need to control
  • Trust issues
  • Expect betrayal

Gifts: powerful speakers, charismatic, sensitive to issues of injustice and oppression

Healing Exercise

Notice when you are getting into an argument with someone. You can say to yourself (even though it may strongly go against your grain), “No contest” or “There I go, needing to win again.” This simple exercise can turn a situation from tension and conflict to one of harmony.

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