Your Royal Nature

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For the several years, I have been intrigued and delighted with the poems of the 14th-century Sufi poet, Hafiz (pronounced Ha-feez). I enjoy him even more than Rumi because he has such a forgiving, funny, and comforting idea of the divine. There is one poem, “Venus Just Asked Me” from The Subject Tonight is Love that I like to share with my retreatants and clients. I hope that it will also speak to you.

Perhaps for just one minute of the day, it may be of value to torture yourself with thoughts like, “I should be doing a hell of a lot more with my life than I am—cause I am so damn talented.” But remember, for just one minute out of the day. With all the rest of your time. it would be best to try looking upon your self more as God does. For He knows your true royal nature. God is never confused and can see only Himself in you. My dear, Venus just leaned down and asked me to tell you a secret, to confess she’s just a mirror who has been stealing your light and music for centuries. She knows, as does Hafiz, you are the sole heir to The King [Queen].

Is there an annoying voice in the back of your head that often says that you are not doing enough with your life, that you do not give 100% in a given situation? I think this voice partly stems from our cultural emphasis on activity and performance. Our society gives little value to being, to silence, to taking time to walk in the woods or have a cup of tea.  It’s a very yang approach to life and disregards the yin qualities of beingness, receptivity, intuition, and emptiness. This voice also comes from your inner critic who wants you to be perfect. You gave this critic its job when you mistakenly decided at a very young age that if you did everything perfectly, others would love you. Many people have a low estimation of their abilities, especially in comparison to what is presented in the media. This sense of inadequacy often prods you to perform and do even more. Hafiz turns all of this around in a most wonderful way. He eliminates your need to be perfect or to place such an emphasis on performing well by saying that at your core, you are already royal, already divine. It’s a matter of connecting with it and then acting from that place of light, beauty, and sovereignty. In turn, this helps you to see the royal nature in everyone you meet and to treat them accordingly. Realizing your royal nature can truly help you get off the treadmill of constant activity and bring more peace and enjoyment to your life.

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