Reflections for January – Spiritual Helpers

We don’t hear much these days about invisible helpers—spirits, saints, ancestors, masters, angels and “all those who have come to the succor of humanity in times of need,” as the Sufis say. Sometimes these beings come unbidden but mostly they need to be invited. They may appear briefly in human form, then disappear.

I wonder why the existence of such beings is passé for many today. Do we feel we’re too sophisticated for such beliefs, dismiss them as superstitious, relegate them to views held by children or the uneducated? Do we think they are imaginary? Or do we think we have to do everything ourselves and not even consider asking for help?

Throughout history and across many different cultures, belief in spiritual helpers appears. Many called upon their ancestors for help. Some ask saints for assistance. Others rely on spirits to guide them. In the Hopi tradition, they are called katsinas. Children may believe they have a guardian angel but many outgrow the idea.

In recent history, the idea of spirit helpers is rarely mentioned in mainstream culture but it appears in some spiritual circles. Beginning in the 1960s the founders of the Findhorn community interacted with nature spirits and devas (celestial beings), who told them how to plant, mulch and care for vegetables and flowers grown on the inhospitable sandy shores of northern Scotland. Horticulturalists couldn’t figure out how such large vegetables and beautiful flowers of every variety grew under such conditions. A few smaller magazines published today, such as Angels on Earth and Mysterious Ways detail true stories of people who are rescued, healed, and generally aided in difficult situations by spiritual beings who appear at crucial times.

Recently a friend told me that she was in LaGuardia airport with little time to get to the correct gate at Kennedy airport for an international flight. She decided to ask for help from her guardian angel which she hadn’t done in a long time. A few moments later a woman in the elevator asked her where she was going, and when my friend explained her situation she said, “I’ll help you.”  She went with her on the shuttle to JFK, helped her check in and rode with her on the air-train to the correct gate. Boarding pass in hand, my friend turned to her in amazement with heartfelt thanks. The woman smiled and said she would be fine. And with that she vanished.

Both as an author and spiritual guide I often ask and receive benefit from these unseen beings. When I find myself stuck on what next to write, I call upon my writing helper and a phrase or word suddenly comes. When I work with someone going through a deep process and find not much happening, I call upon a litany of invisible healers. Suddenly, a significant transformation occurs, for which I always give thanks. I’m not a visual person and don’t see these beings as some do. Rather I viscerally sense their presence and notice how each has their own energetic vibration.

Next time you’re in need, try asking these invisible helpers and see what happens.

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