May Reflections – States of Consciousness: Your Expanded Self

Would you view yourself differently, if you realized that vast vistas of sacredness, beauty and splendor are part of you? Would you have more confidence and an increased sense of self-worth? Might it give you a broader perspective on everyday challenges, taking them less seriously compared to the whole? You … Read More

April Reflections – Embracing Darkness: Going Into the Unknown

One becomes enlightened not by images of light but by making the darkness conscious. –C. G. Jung   The thought of going into darkness can be scary and anxiety producing. You may strongly resist any suggestion to venture there. What if unwanted memories or emotions surface or you discover negative … Read More

March Reflections – Magnetic Attraction

Think about those people in your life whose quiet presence attracts you. They may come from all walks of life—a friendly service person, a welcoming restaurant owner, a competent doctor, an inspiring teacher, a dear friend, or a beloved family member. You may see them often or rarely but always … Read More

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