Reflections for May – Distractions in Meditation

“One summer afternoon, I dove down to the bottom of a pool, allowing my full attention to rest there. I heard children playing and laughing somewhere above me, but the deep water between us muffled the sound and didn’t disturb my focus. Later I thought what a great metaphor for handling distractions in meditation. They are present but of little interest. Sometimes the children rest and eat lunch, which is equivalent to finding yourself in silence as you explore the deep water. This is a delicious place to be! Most of the time, however, thoughts during meditation don’t take a nap, but they can be minimized if you sink below your mind’s surface to focus on something deeper.”
Dance of Light pp. 46-7

Yes, for the most part distractions in meditation aren’t going away. As Adyashanti’s teacher said, “If you wait for your mind to stop, you are going to wait forever.” (Emptiness Dancing, p.76.) Rather, it’s best to see if you can embed them in a vastness, a quiet fullness, seeing them as part of a greater whole. It’s similar to diving down into a pool, hearing but not paying attention to the activities above.

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