Three Bodies Purification Retreat

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Thursday, September 29 (6 p.m.) – Tuesday, October 4 (2 p.m.)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Van Etten, New York


Light on the Hill is honored to welcome world renowned Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, master of sacred sounds (naada yoga), breath (swara yoga), and spiritual wisdom.

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We all agree that life is too rushed and hectic. We are frequently subjected to excess bodily toxicity, unnatural life-styles, negative thinking (our own and others), and emotional shock. The Purification Retreat offers five-day or three-day cleansing programs. Many past participants have found this program life transforming. It is based on an ancient understanding that we possess two invisible bodies in addition to our physical body–the subtle body and the causal body. These non-material bodies have a significant influence on our feelings and thoughts.

A Three-Body Purification is designed to flush out the toxicity, purify the physical body, uncover buried feelings and repressed memories, and interrupt obsessive thought patterns. The retreat’s regimen includes a non-solid-food diet of herbal teas, nutritional supplements, and protein drinks; yoga and InnerTuning® movements; the practice of early morning silence; twice-daily classes in Microchakra Psychology™; and the chanting of special sounds and mantras.

Classes are led by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, one of the world’s foremost practitioners of naada and swara yoga, the yogas of sound and breath. Shyamji’s unique ability to produce with his voice the ethereal element of surya (golden) aakaasha is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of surya akasha purifies apaana, facilitates meditation, and helps to integrate the three bodies, lessening the sense of being detached from life. These are the conditions that enable psychological resolutions to be made.

Watch videos of Shyamji explaining purifications and pranas.

Cost and Registration

Options are available for either a 5-day or a 3-day retreat (September 29-October 2). The 5-day retreat costs $880, and the 3-day retreat costs $580.

A nonrefundable deposit of $200 will secure your place in the retreat. The balance is due by the end of the retreat. Send your check or money order (made payable to “Chakra Institute”) along with completed registration forms to Chakra Institute, PO Box 34, New Hope, PA 18938-9309.

You can find the necessary forms hereYou have to print out the forms, fill them in, and send them to the Chakra Institute either by postal mail, or scan and attach them to an email to

You may also pay your deposit or full registration fees by credit card through the Chakra Institute online store.

Additional information about accommodations, what to bring, and other registration details can be found here.  For other information, please visit Chakra Institute’s website.

About Sri Shyamji

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASri Shyamji was born and raised in India. At age 12, he met his guru who instructed him in the rare oral traditions of swara and naada yoga. The grace of his guru and the spiritual teachings he imparted are the basis for Shyamji’s extraordinary teaching career of more than 50 years. He is one of the few authentic, first-generation Indian spiritual teachers active in the West today, and the only one who is also an accomplished musician. Shyamji has played the tambura with Ravi Shankar, Pran Nath and Amir Khan. He is a Master of Naada Yoga, the creator of Microchakra Psychology™ and founder of InnerTuning® systems. He conducts classes, consultations, and workshops in New York City; New Hope, Pennsylvania; the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Colombia. Sri Shyamji’s system has recently been published in Microchakras: Inner Tuning for Psychological Well-Being (Inner Traditions, 2009).

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