Ten Degrees of Transformation

Friday, June 28 (7:30 p.m.) – Sunday, June 30 (4:00 p.m.)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Van Etten, New York

Leader: Anna Less


Alice attended this workshop in Rochester and was so impressed by its depth, breadth, and fascinating subject matter that she invited Anna to come to Light on the Hill. Anna combines slides, music, meditations, and exercises to give a remarkable presentation of the 10 stages of our human life journey and what lessons we are to learn at each stage.



As we journey through life, we pass through 10 transformative stages from childhood to old age, and at each stage our soul tries to integrate a specific, archetypical, spiritual lesson that is necessary for the soul’s evolution.


But when we experience difficulties while learning these lessons, the ego interprets and recreates our lives through the lens of these difficulties, blocking our experience of the true Self.


This workshop integrates psychology, healing, and mysticism.


Participants learn the specific lessons from each transformative stage, and participate in healing practices that include deep relaxation, guided meditation, music, symbology, breath, sound, and inner awareness.


This weekend will transform how you view life, empower you as a healer of yourself and others, and offer you an opportunity to experience your true being.



If you register before May 15th, the early bird cost is $295, which includes lodging and meals. After that date, the cost is $325.



To save your place, send  a deposit of $60 to Light on the Hill at 209 Blake Hill Rd., Van Etten, New York, 14889. Or, you can register online by using our Donation Page. Be sure to change “Donation” to “Ten Degrees” and enter the appropriate amount.


About Anna LessAnna Less

Anna Less L.AC & Ph.D is one of the only westerners to receive her Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese medicine from China. She has also completed advanced training in Ayurvedic Medicine In India. She has been a spiritual teacher in the Sufi Order since 1978 and has practiced Chinese Medicine for almost 20 years. She shares her profound wisdom of these ancient healing modalities in a way that is unique, relevant and accessible for the complete beginner or the advanced practitioner. This workshop offers the opportunity to make the profound shift towards a greater sense of well-being and inner peace.