Music, Poetry and Dance

Evening of Spiritual Music, Poetry and Dance

with Mahbud Burton and Diane Shaffia Olden

September 10, 2011 at 7:30 pm. Cost $10

This evening is in the spirit of a Sufi Sema. There will be chanting, song, poetry reading, a few Dances of Universal Peace, and whirling by a local group, who have trained with Khadija Marcia Radin and performed in the Northwest and Turkey. Mahbud is an expert musician on the tambora, ute, and guitar. He has the capability of tuning participants to a higher vibrational level, helping all to connect with their spiritual selves. Shaffia is a wonderful leader of the Dances of Universal Peace.

The different Sufi Orders from many countries and cultures shared some common elements in their mystical gatherings. A core part of the transmission of their spiritual culture occurred in group rituals of deep listening and remembrance, known in many Orders as “Sama”.  Our intention for the evening is to attune together and, with the aid of music, poetry, simple movements and the Sufi practice of dhikr, or divine remembrance, to come into direct resonance with our sense of the sacred.  It is when we understand ourselves to be not separate from our Source that we can best know and realize our capacity to be of service, which is the returning point and fulfillment of spiritual practice.

Registration is not necessary but an email to is encouraged.