Reclaiming your Soul

Healing From Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Friday, April 11 (8 p.m.)* – Sunday, April 13 (1 p.m.)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Van Etten, New York

Leader: Jodi Amanhands-on-tree


Have you experienced trauma? If so, do you want to move on from your past? Reclaim your soul? Reconnect to the light in you? Tons of people tell you to “let go,” but they don’t tell you the step by step process to getting there. We will!

Come to our weekend retreat: feel validated, decrease your anxiety, empower yourself.

On this retreat we will make it easy to understand. We will get you through your barriers–all that fear and blame–and we will support you every step of the way. Through fun and creative activities, nature walks, guided meditations, great food, and an amazingly supportive staff you feel you are finally home.

If you have any kind of trauma or abuse in your past, or if you are trying to understand a loved one who has had that experience, this retreat is for you!

Here’s what last year’s retreatants said:

“The retreat helped to make me feel so free of all the pain and emotions of abuse. It was such a healing experience and I have not spent a day since that weekend without thinking about what I learned and how it has made me feel.”

“When I came here I was all about self sabotage. And now I am opening my heart to love. That is a huge difference in two days!”



Experience a structured program using movement, meditation, writing, and time with nature. Take back your life from the devastating effects of sexual abuse and assault. Re-story your life and minimize fear, doubt, and shame. Find peace of mind. Feel validated and less alone. Recover your spirituality. Empower your self. Embrace joy.

Participants will be brought through a series of exercises designed to help you. It will not be a traumatizing rehash of abuse, but instead focus on your active response and what this says about what you give value to. Through meditation, ceremony, and documentation, you will find your own gifts, skills, and support. In community, find your uniqueness within the Oneness, and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Spend time in the natural world and learn how to bring earth elements into your healing.

There will be qualified, experienced assistants on hand in the event someone needs extra TLC.

Please bring a journal to write in, indoor and outdoor clothing, walking shoes, slippers or heavy sock (shoes are removed at door), personal toiletries, outdoor towels (bathing towels and bedding are provided.) Keep in mind there is no wifi.



$350 includes program, vegetarian meals Saturday and Sunday, private rooms, and bedding. Please let us know if there are any dietary restrictions. Download registration form in PDF and mail it in or register online.

*Check in after 6:30 p.m. Friday.

Anxious, but intrigued? Ask questions at


About Jodi Aman, LCSW-RJodi Aman

Jodi is a practicing therapist, author, and teacher. She works primarily with people who have lived through trauma. Her workshops and retreats jump start healing by inspiring self-love.

With over two decades of experience helping children, families, and individuals eliminate suffering, she has dedicated her life to assist in healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spirituality. Read more about Jodi here.


About Stanley Weaver

Stanley Weaver

Stanley is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse whose heart’s mission is to bring healing to others! He has volunteered at Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes for 4 years as an crisis call operator and crisis advocate.