Opening to Abundance

Allowing the Life of Your Dreams

Weekend or Day Retreat Workshop

Friday, May 16 (6:00 pm) – Sunday, May 18 (3:00 pm)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center
Van Etten, New York

Host: Susan Norton

Registration deadline extended to May 10th

Susan Norton

Discover ways to use ceremony, intention setting, expectations, and group work to launch your desires and allow them into your life. Together we will experience many rituals and activities to set out our desires to the universe, and open to allow them to come. Some of the activities over the weekend will be:
* Getting clear on what you really want
* Working in Sacred Space
* Interpreting messages from Spirit as you proceed
* Stone readings
* Native American despacho ceremony
* Group work to create a ritual just for you
* Vision boarding
* Releasing the desires to spirit in a fire ceremony
* Creating daily action steps designed for you
* Developing a community of support
* Working with protection and guidance
* Discovering and removing old beliefs that no longer serve you
* Using gratitude as a way to open more
* Activating new ways of thinking


What do you long for? Registration packages range from full retreat, lodging and meals ($350) to one full day, 10 am ‐ 10 pm with meals ($180). Registration deadline 5/10/14. More details (and a registration form) can be found here.

To register or for more information, contact Susan at (607) 229‐5161, or by email, or visit connecting2spirit.

This event will be held at the Meadow Cottage at the Light on the Hill Retreat Center in Van Etten, NY. It is important to book early, as  some of our group may be staying at other nearby cottages as well. The cottages are all heated, and within a short walk from each other. Breakfast will be provided for those who stay over, and a delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner will be prepared by loving hands and brought to us.

Host Susan Norton, HLB, MS is a certified shamanic practitioner through the Four Winds Society and Alberto Villoldo. Susan holds a masters degree in education with over 14 years teaching experience.


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