Mindfulness Teacher Certification

Mindful Life Program (MLP)

June 24 (evening) – June 29  (11:00 a.m.)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center
Van Etten, New York
Leaders: John Bruna and Mark Molony

Bruna class members lodge front

The Mindful Life Program (MLP) is offering its first teacher training and certification program, which begins with this 5-day retreat at Light on the Hill. The mindfulness teacher training is a one-year program that consists of:

  • 2 week-long residential workshops – one at the beginning and one at the end of the program.
  • Daily practices including mindfulness and meditation practices,
  • Monthly teleconferences with other program participants and the program teachers,
  • Action learning assignments that include supporting the instruction of three beginners in aspects 0f MLP practices.

The training begins with this 5-day retreat in June, led by John Bruna and Mark Molony. Upon satisfactory completion of the retreat, participants will have monthly assignments and mentoring. At the end of the year there is a final retreat leading to teacher certification.

Cost and Application

The total cost ($3,000) includes both week-long retreats, the full year of coursework, and mentoring. Upon application approval, a deposit of $500 can be made with complete payment due by March 31st. A payment plan may be available on an individual basis.

To apply to the program, please email MLP at admin@mindfullifeprogram.org and request an application. Applications are due by March 1st.

* A few slots are available for those interested in attending the retreat to deepen their own mindfulness practice without enrolling the course. The cost of the retreat is $800. Email us or call (970) 633-0163 to register.


John BrunaJohn (Chophel) Bruna is a counselor, educator, mindfulness and dharma teacher. He has been cultivating his spiritual path since 1984. With the motivation to live a meaningful life, John had careers in counseling and in education as a teacher in a low-income urban high school.

Having found his spiritual teacher, Venerable Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen, John traveled to Gaden Shartse Monastery in India and ordained as a Buddhist monk and trained in the Tibetan Geluk tradition.

After more than six years of monastic life, John returned to life as a layperson. Drawing upon his education, training, and diverse life experience, John has dedicated his life to helping others overcome their personal obstacles and challenges. He facilitates a variety of workshops and public talks throughout the United States. In addition to the Mindful Life Program, John is the founder and director of the Way of Compassion Foundation. Click on this link for a more complete biography.

Mark Molony is a Mindful LIFE practitioner, therapist, and coach who lives in MelboMark-Molonyurne, Australia. His intention is to support others in generating new sustainable ways of being in themselves and with others that will encourage genuine happiness in their lives.

Mark first became involved in Mindfulness practices and meditation in 2001 when he experienced a major health challenge and looked to support his recovery through mindful awareness practices. Since then Mark’s personal learning in mindfulness has grown as has his practice and experience in teaching mindfulness to others in a range of settings. Over the last 15 years Mark has been fortunate to work with a broad range of inspirational friends and clients who have shared their LIFE challenges and their learning’s with him.

Mark is an engaging and experienced facilitator who loves what he does and derives great joy and gratitude in exploring the Mindful life with others.


If you have any questions or require further information, visit the MLP website or feel free to contact MLP.



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