Self-Directed Retreat for Women

Jaya the Trust Coach

November 2 – 4, 2012

Friday (arrive any time after 3:00 p.m.) – Sunday afternoon


The original “Living Connection” retreat planned for the weekend has been dropped, but since the space is already reserved, Jaya invites women to come share the space for $190/person (includes single room and meals from Friday supper through Sunday lunch).

Come to do what you need to do: come to complete or begin something; come to work on something you’re not getting to or want more time with; come to be silent and listen to your inner voice; come to find women to discuss and collaborate with; come to clear or heal something; come to get help and support on anything you’re creating or would like to create.


Schedule of Opportunities

  • Friday night, we’ll gather to design our individual schedules for the retreat time. (I invite you to come with an intention already clarified and written down.)
  • Friday and Saturday nights, all are invited (not obligated) to dance with Laura Beck. You’re welcome to give her a donation for your participation.
  • Saturday morning, you’re invited (not obligated) to join Susan Rausch outside for a new experience of connecting to the earth and to your senses. Donations welcome here, too.
  • Sunday afternoon, we’ll gather for closing and share our gains and gratitude.
  • Jaya will be available for mini- and full one-on-one sessions, for which you can pay her individually. She will do short sessions on a sliding scale from the price of your favorite hot drink to $1.66 per minute, and offer 75-minute sessions on a sliding scale from $55 to $122. This is entirely optional.

For more information, visit Jaya’s website. Or, contact Jaya directly: call (607.339.9714) or write


To register, simply send a check (made out to Jaya the Trust Coach) to 101 E. State St., #133, Ithaca NY 14850. You can send the full amount ($190) or a non-refundable $50 deposit. Or, register using PayPal on Jaya’s website.


Delicious gourmet-vegetarian meals are provided from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Please let us know about dietary restrictions in advance.


We’ll be staying in the main lodge at Light on the Hill. Single rooms are provided with all bedding and towels. Choose your room when you arrive and settle in.


Jayalalita, known as Jaya the Trust Coach, holds an MFA in creative writing and is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work. She has been deeply involved with The Work both personally and with others for the past 7 years. She works with individuals and small and large groups to teach people how to question their thoughts and live in peace, joy, and power.

Laura Beck will guide participants in dance/expressive movement. Laura brings tremendous intentionality and a whole lot of experience to crafting the dance/expressive movement sessions. These beautifully complement the other work we do and help with integration. They also get us moving physically and accessing different parts of ourselves. Add to this what can only be called Laura’s great energy–a steady, compassionate presence and a penchant for easy infusions of humor–and you’ve got a very compelling addition to the retreat fare.  Read more on and from Laura here.

Susan Rausch, creator of Camp Earth Connection, will be leading us in Awareness Walking (perception shifts guaranteed!). She’s offering a literal experience of what we do in inquiry with the mind–stepping out of habitual ways of perceiving and opening to a whole new outlook. (Click here to learn more about Susan and Camp Earth Connection.)

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