Six – Session Guru Yoga Practice

Highest Yoga Tantra

August 12-19, 2012

Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Van Etten, New York

Instructors: Geshe Lobsang Dakpa, with resident Namgyal Monks and Faculty


The system of Kalachakra highest yoga tantra has a rich history as one of the most important tantras in Tibetan Buddhism for removing obstacles to Buddhahood. In recent years it has become closely associated with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the Namgyal monks.

The second Namgyal summer retreat will focus on Kalachakra practice, and is open only to those who have received the Kalachakra initiation, or initiation in any other highest yoga tantra. It will be conducted in the manner of a traditional Tibetan meditation retreat, led by Geshe Lobsang Dakpa of Namgyal Monastery India and the monks of Namgyal Monastery Ithaca.

During this week-long retreat, students will participate in four sessions each day with guidance in the practice of Kalachakra six-session guru yoga, visualization, mantra recitation, and will receive teachings on the paths and grounds. For more information, visit the Namgyal website for this event.


Geshe Lobsang Dakpa was born in the town of Melto Gyma, near Lhasa in 1968. In 1983 he became a monk at Gaden monastery in Tibet where he practiced the tantric rituals and studied the major philosophical basic texts.  See more biographical information here.



The cost for the week-long retreat is $925, and includes lodging, three wonderful satisfying vegetarian meals per day, and all study materials.


Register for both Namgyal summer retreats and pay $1,650.  Click here for information about the first retreat.



To register, please contact Namgyal, with your full name, address, telephone number, and email (optional). A deposit of 50% is required to hold your registration. Deposits are fully refundable until June 30th, after which, one half of the deposit is refundable.