A Retreat for Women

Jaya the Trust Coach

Friday, May 9 (5 p.m.) – Sunday, May 11 (2:30 p.m.)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center
Van Etten, New York


Want to madly, truly, deeply love your life? How wide and daunting is the stretch between what it looks like now and what you want it to look like?

If you’d like to most quickly and effortlessly create the job, relationship, home, body — LIFE — you love, then love the one you’ve got now. Life occurs, unfolds, reveals itself now, and only now. Furthermore, you can’t access effortless creativity and bold imagination — not to mention solid, one-pointed action steps — from a space of lack, misery, or self-doubt or a belief that you’re all alone moving randomly through a world that has no place for you (or if it does there’s some code to crack and you’re just not up for it).

This retreat will include group, dyad, and individual exercises to bring you close to your feeling states, shift them into joy and gratitude, and EXPAND that; exercises to bring you close to your negative, self-defeating thoughts and shift them toward thoughts that support your confident and unfettered forward movement; and exercises in connecting to the grace, glory, and magic of NOW.

Silent participation or opting out of any activity is always an option. That said, I invite you to get comfortable with your discomforts, apply what we’ll be talking about in terms of being very present to yourself and expanding your good feeling states, and dive in deeply (or dance in joyfully).

Please bring art supplies to hoard or to share, comfortable clothes to dance/move in (during optional evening programs), and some combination of pillow, pad, blanket to lie comfortably for guided meditation.



The cost of the weekend, including all programming, a cozy single room in the lodge, and gourmet vegetarian meals from Friday night through Sunday noon, is $366. Register by April 6 to receive the early-bird price of $333. More information about registration can be found on the retreat website.

Register by contacting A nonrefundable $55 deposit will secure your spot. Balance of early-bird fee is due by the first week in April. Balance of full fee is due on the first day of the retreat.

The 3-day community we create will have as its foundation an agreement to hold ourselves and one another in the highest light. I, Jaya, love to hold the group and attend to individuals as needed.


About JayaJaya Smile

Jayalalita, known as Jaya the Trust Coach, holds an MFA in creative writing and is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work. She has been deeply involved with The Work both personally and with others for the the better part of a decade. She works with individuals and small and large groups to teach people how to question their thoughts and live in peace, joy, and power. Click here for more.

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