From Vision to Fruition

A Weekend Retreat for Women With Jaya the Trust Coach

Friday, May 6 (5 p.m.) – Sunday, May 8 (2 p.m.)

Light on the Hill Retreat Center
Van Etten, New York



Join Jaya the Trust Coach and a circle of fabulous women for a weekend of teachings and activities on clearing and visioning, with a focus on no-nonsense practical application. We’ll move through large-group, small-group, and individual activities that access both left and right brain and a range of feelings. Silent participation during group shenanigans is entirely welcome. We’ll be doing some creative improv play with Erica Marx, and you’re welcome to be an active participant as an engaged viewer if that feels best to you. The workshop will also include a creative vision-boarding activity (no talk, dreamy music). You’ll also have time to roam the woods, walk a labyrinth, meditate, hang out alone or with others—whatever you like.


What vision would you bring to work on?

You can work on a whole life vision or focus on a single or a couple of realms of life that most obviously want your creative, inspired attention! Click here to explore and imagine what visioning might mean for you.


You’ll go home armed with a few things to support you to cultivate your vision and move toward it:

  • a wondrously idiosyncratic work of inspired art (both creating it and looking at it later align you with your vision and the feelings associated with it)
  • a clear articulation of your vision (we’ll keep it general and talk about when and how to get more specific)
  • some solid action points in place specific to your vision (you must move toward your vision to bring it to fruition!)
  • a greater sense of ease and effortlessness about visioning; you may well declare a grand experiment to watch how life supports you to get exactly where you need to go (which may not end up being where you thought you were going)
  • some helpful, applicable writings that lay out the visioning concepts and provide more tools for practical application (they’ll drop into your inbox after the workshop)


Cost and Registration

The cost for the full weekend, including gourmet vegetarian meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch as well as programming and materials, is $333. A non-refundable deposit of $33 secures your reservation. If you pay the full fee and cancel before April 30th, all except the $33 is refundable.

To learn more and to register, click here. Contact Jaya with any questions by phone (607-339-9714) or email (



About Jaya


Jayalalita, known as Jaya the Trust Coach, holds an MFA in creative writing and is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work. She has been deeply involved with The Work both personally and with others for the better part of a decade. She works with individuals and small and large groups to teach people how to question their thoughts and live in peace, joy, and power. Click here for more.