Circlework Leadership Training

September 24 – 30

Light on the Hill Retreat Center

Van Etten, New York

Leader: Jalaja Bonheim

circlework feet


Do you want to work with groups in ways that foster authentic, transformative connections? Do you want to contribute to the creation of a peaceful global community? Are you ready for a radically non-religious, inclusive approach to spirituality? Are you committed to healing, personal growth, and peace?


If so, taking the Circlework™ Training may be your next step. Used skillfully, circle gatherings are a potent medicine for healing ourselves and the planet. This training includes theoretical sections and discussion, as well as hands-on experiential practice. You will explore your personal relationship to the circle and identify your challenges and your calling in working with circles. Subjects addressed include boundary and safety issues, creating sacred space and invoking spirit, the historical development of Circlework, the geometric elements of the circle, working with ritual, symbol, and myth; Circlework and the healing of the feminine, and the role and challenges of leadership.


Participants will receive the support they need to clarify their personal relationship to the circle and to Circlework™, identify and overcome their challenges, hone their unique gifts, and acquire new skills. Apart from knowledge, skills, and tools relating to circle leadership, they will receive in-depth guidance and support to move through daily life in a state of centeredness, harmony and balance.




Jalaja Bonheim, the originator of Circlework™, teaches throughout the US and Canada, as well as in Israel, where she helps Jewish and Palestinian women connect in life-changing ways. Read more about Jalaja  here.




For information and registration, see the website for Circlework Leadership Training.


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