5-Day Retreats

with Mahdiah Jacobs Kahn

April 25 (evening) — April 30, 2013

Light on the Hill

Van Etten, New York

Image of Madiah



Mahdiah Esther Jacobs Kahn, MSW, LCSW is a Raphaelite Healer and Trainer and a Shafiayat (Senior Teacher) in the Sufi Healing Order. She is the head of the Raphaelite retreat work and the One-on-One Processing aspects of the healing work. Mahdiah is an experienced retreat guide who is a Senior Teacher and Retreat Guide in the Sufi Order International.



Mahdiah will guide either Raphaelite Healing Retreats or Alchemical Retreats.


The cost ($150 per day) includes meals and lodging. A deposit of $100 is required to secure your place.


Mahdiah will be offering healing sessions, including healing with sound and tuning forks and one-on-one processing, for those on healing retreats. A healing session costs an additional $100.


For information contact Alice McDowell at alice@lightonthehill.org or 607-589-4419.


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