Doing Small Things With Great Love

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“It is not that we do great things in life that matters,
but that we do small things with great love.”
— Mother Theresa

I find this quote very encouraging because it seems manageable. Only a few attain great things in life and I’m not among them. But I can work at doing small things with great love. How is this done? At first, I thought great love means how you feel when you first fall in love, but then I quickly rejected that interpretation. I would be exhausted having to act with such intensity all the time.

What then is doing small things with great love? Reflecting further, I thought of the times when I sit with a client or retreat participant. My breath slows down and I sink into an all-pervading love. It’s palpable and I think my client at some level feels this love as well. I notice the right words or images for healing come through me, from some place beyond my brain.

I’m sure you’ve also touched these places of deep love when caring for your child, hugging your pet, sitting quietly with a loved one, praying for someone, or sinking into meditation. The key is to expand these instances until they start to pervade your life more and more, even in the face of its many ups and downs. How is this accomplished? That’s a long story. It’s the story of the spiritual journey. But experiencing this deep love in one form or another is an excellent start.

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