Reflections for June – Five Ways to Cope with the Challenges in Today’s World

Inflation rising, threats to democracy looming, congress bickering, war in Ukraine continuing, COVID mutations concerning, gun massacres spreading, the environment hurting, relative and friends ill or dying. How can the body and mind cope with this increasing cascade of troubles? Here are some practical suggestions I find helpful for remaining … Read More

Longing in the Heart

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In her book, Falling Open in a World Falling Apart, Amoda Maa writes, “Instead of asking how can I change my life? it’s more helpful to ask what is my deepest longing?” The first question is ego-oriented. Our ego doesn’t like certain difficulties in life and wants to change them … Read More

The Real Meaning of Retirement

Do you ever get the sense that you are “over the hill,” and wonder if there’s much more meaning to your life? Our society tends to view aging negatively. The goal is to become as youthful as possibility so you can do all the activities you did when younger. Advertising … Read More

Enlightenment and Surrender

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If you’re traveling the spiritual path, you might want your goal to be enlightenment. But what does this really mean? You may think enlightenment is being in continual bliss, but you will likely be disappointed. You might think the goal of the journey is to become like Buddha, Jesus, or … Read More

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