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Alice Talks about her Book

Hidden Treasure was a Mind, Body Spirit Awards
silver medal finalist in two categories:
self-help and spiritual psychology.

Do you long to live a more authentic life but feel you might be getting in your own way?

Hidden Treasure — the Book examines five personality patterns—called character structures—which are so ingrained in your psyche that they can influence the shape of your body and even who you think you are. The behaviors stemming from these patterns cause unnecessary life problems and prevent you from living a life in greater alignment with your true radiant self. The life-changing solutions in this book have worked for hundreds of the author’s students—of all ages and from all walks of life. If you’re ready to discover the real you and transform your life, you’ll love this book.

Read an excerpt from Hidden Treasure.

Listen to the audio book companions that accompany Hidden Treasure. These audio visualizations are designed to work best with the exercises at the end of some of the chapters.

Read Alice’s interview with Charlotte Seaberry: Finding Your Hidden Treasure, Writing a Book: An Interview with Alice McDowell.

Rated 5 Stars on Amazon!

Praise for Hidden Treasure

Alice McDowell has brought us a gem with Hidden Treasure! She has masterfully shared with us her in depth knowledge and clinical experience working with the 5 Belief Systems / Character Structure.  The material is clear, practical, easy to understand, and the exercises are sure to deepen self-awareness on one’s transformational journey.

~ Anne Hoye, Dean, Barbara Brennan School of Healing and The Brennan Institute

I have never seen such a helpful compilation of contemplations, exercises, and inspiring words of wisdom from such a variety of outside sources. All the suggestions and exercises at the end of each chapter are very good. I like a book with practical applications.  I love that Alice includes exercises that can be used for groups. The writing is extremely accessible, without dumbing down.  The cartoons are charming and helpful. What a wonderful contribution this is to the study of Characterology (five character structures).

~ Sandra Barnard, founder, Full Spectrum Center for Spiritual Awakening, and former Characterology teacher

Hidden Treasure provides a comprehensive, eye-opening exploration of five fundamental ways that humans distort their inner Light in order to “protect” themselves from real or imagined harm.  It is a pleasure to read, with abundant real-life vignettes that help to flesh out the subtle workings of each of the defense structures.  Written with exceptional clarity, it offers a number of approaches for healing each structure, making it eminently useful to anyone motivated to grow emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually.

~ David Harman, Ph.D., Co-founder of Inner Source Healing and co-author of The Way of Love

Based on decades of experience in guiding people towards psychological and spiritual wholeness, Alice McDowell introduces the five personality types of bio-enegetic therapy and shows how they can support self-healing and transformation. Practical, clear and wise, this book is a precious gift to anyone seeking to understand the patterns that underlie their behavior.

~ Jalaja Bonheim, PhD, author of The Sacred Ego: Making Peace with Ourselves and Our World

Hidden Treasure will be of immense value to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the forces and circumstances that create the sense of self. Readers may be surprised to learn how the five basic character defenses McDowell describes manifest as distinguishable traits in the physical body. The treasure is the path of personal development and spiritual unfolding that knowledge of our character structure offers.

~ Lisa Loustaunau, Director of Ed., Institute of Core Energetics

Actions for the body, insights for the soul—Hidden Treasure is filled with gems polished by McDowell’s patient, exacting, and extensive experience guiding people from many professions and life paths. She has synthesized a wise and gentle approach to human development and personal freedom that can be used alone or with others.

~ Mary Gilliland, author of Gathering Fire and the Writing Walk-In Service Handbook

I LOVE THE BOOK! I love everything about it (and this from a somewhat rigid perfectionist!). I love the structure, the poems, the case studies, the positive things about the character structures, and the activities to heal. It is so easy to read and engaging. I can’t wait to work with all the exercises.

~ Kylie Willows, a client from Sydney, Australia


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