Alice McDowell, Ph.D. is a workshop leader, spiritual counselor, and retreat guide, dedicated to helping others to awaken to their true selves, and discover divinity within. She has trained with healers, humanist and transpersonal psychologists, Sufi and Buddhist teachers, and Christian contemplatives. Read more




We all operate with a combination of character types, which we learned as defenses when we grew up. Alice has created the Character Structure Quiz,  designed to help you discover the patterns that are influencing your life.


Do you long to live a more authentic life but feel you might be getting in your own way? In Hidden Treasure, author Alice McDowell reveals five personality patterns that cause unnecessary suffering and block individuals from living a full and radiant life. These patterns can be so ingrained that they influence body shape and even who a person thinks they are. Through a series of exercises, compelling true stories, fun cartoons, and spiritual insights, McDowell offers the opportunity to learn about and break free of these patterns, and provides guidelines for readers to join or create a Hidden Treasure group for ongoing exploration. No matter a person’s age or background, Hidden Treasure can light the way to softening and healing these patterns―and restoring your true self and spiritual identity in the process.   Read more